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Welcome to Monte Gordo


18-22 October 2014

Springtime is the leading organizer of training trips in Sweden and now it’s finally Stadium’s turn to go to an unforgettable Training Camp in Portugal.

The trip is October 18th to 22nd (Saturday-Wednesday). 4 nights that will offer everything and a bit more. Pack your training clothes, swim wear, dinner clothes, happy mood and an open mind so you are prepared for a very special trip with lots of activities and fun.

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On location in Portugal is Springtime’s Training Camp with instructors, lecturers and facilities. The lovely and long beach is right outside the hotel and this is where we begin and end our days. On the beach we also have our Crossfit cage and the famous ”Playa platform” for outdoor workouts.

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Inside the hotel there are 3 different workout rooms for training including a gym. In addition there is an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. The weather can of course vary but it can be compared with the Swedish summer.

The program includes over 10 different activities a day with just as much variety. Springtime offers walking, running, yoga, dance, strength / mobility and cardio activities.

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Booking information: Please note that when you make your booking you need to choose invoice as an options. No charges will be done, but the invoice box must be chosen in order to get ahead in the reservation.