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Monte Gordo

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Monte Gordo is a small fishing village, 45 minutes drive from Faro. It is beautifully situated between the pine forest and the long beach. Here there is a limited number of hotels, a small town center with pedestrian streets, restaurants, pubs, discos and of course some shopping.

The choice of the Algarve coast and the village of Monte Gordo for our Training Camp is based simply on that the landscape and the city offer the facilities we want. What we love is the fantastic beach, the wonderful pine forest full of running trails and of course the fact that the Algarve coast is said to have the best climate in the world, or how about 250 sunny days a year?

The climate is perfect for activities and exercise, the Atlantic winds make sure it is not too hot nor too cold. We go here when it is the best time for training and outdoor activities in Portugal, from February to May and September to November.

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To be motivated and committed to train, it requires a good and inspiring environment. We give you great training opportunities and stunning surroundings on the Algarve coast. Within close distance of our hotel you will find:

  * Running and walking trails in the nearby nature reserve.
  * A fantastic beach for the morning sun and/or evening walk.
  * A training platform out on the beach for group exercise classes.
  * A swimming complex.
  * A top class tennis facility with nine courses.
  * Several excellent golf courses.


FAO fighting 14Surroundings around Monte Gordo 
In addition to the excellent training opportunities, there are also many other things to do. There are several nice small towns to visit and nice trips you can do, all within a few miles away from our hotel.

The last town before the Spanish border is Vila Real de San Antonio. It has a picturesque harbor with a wonderful view over the Guadiana River, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean three kilometers from Monte Gordo. A nice excursion is to take the ferry across the river to the Spanish town of Ayamonte. The journey takes only 20 minutes and the sight of Ayamonte the white city is breathtaking. Here you will find several nice restaurants, cafes, pubs and a lot of good shopping.