EY Tjörn Triathlon Training Camp


The preliminary schedule 13-16 May 2017

• Saturday
PM: Swim + Run
 After we settled into the hotel it is always nice to complete a training session so the body adaps after the flight. We’ll start with a swim session (technique focus) and finish with an easy run.

• Sunday
 AM: Long hilly bike ride + brick run
 We’ll explore the magnificent surroundings on Mallorca with the challenging hills. Once we get back, we’ll go straight into a run session to get that important brick session in.
PM: Open Water Swim
Finally, we’ll get an open water swim in our training, it’s a bit cold in Sweden for this so this is the perfect place to test your wetsuit, and technique in open water.

• Monday
 AM: Long bike ride
 After an intense Sunday, we’ll complete a long run to get some more volume to our bike training. Again we’ll explore the magnificent surroundings in the area.
 PM: Run
 Since we did a lower intensity bike ride in the morning, we’ll up the intensity for the run. It will be a quality session with a few surprices.

• Tuesday
AM: Transition drill
A very educational event where you learn the ins and outs of the transition area. You will practice getting on and off your bike various times to perfect your technique. You will also learn the important rules and regulations.